Moving existing user set up from consumer series to expert series

I currently have a consumer series My Cloud 3Tb.  I have attached to this a powered USB hub and 5 portable HDDs.  This is generally working well but due to increased desired capacity I want to upgrade to an expert series EX2 12Tb model.

Can anyone please advise if I would be able back up all my exisitng users set up and restore it to the EX2?  I share the My Cloud with quite a few people over the internet, having to contact everyone and re-set them up would be quite a pain. 

By the way I use My Cloud with a Mac computer, each of the HDDs being network connected drives.  Each HDD holds various media which forms my iTunes library, scattered across the mulitple drives.

Hi there,

Although the My cloud and the EX 2 devices have similar UI’s it’s not possible that this could be possible due to the fact the the EX2 has different software and options.

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Thank you for your reply.  It’s disappointing that this contingency hasn’t been catered for - surely they’re similar WD devices close enough in capabilities for some shared functionality etc.  Still it’s good to know what I’ll be facing if I do decide to upgrade to an EX2