Moving Data and using it

I just bought the T2 and all is going well.  At this moment it is backing up the hard drive on my computer.  Now, the reason I bought the new HD is because my computer hard drive is full, and I mean full.  

QUESTION:  Once the back-up is complete can I use files directly from the new HD and delete the ones on my HD?  I understand that certain programs have to be on the internal drive.  But can I just delete other files such as photos, music, etc?

I am a novice at this so any info would be helpful.

Thank you.

Don’t delete the files unless you have 2 copies on different drives or medium. The forums are full of people who did that and had a problem and lost their valuable data. It doesn’t matter who makes the drive internal or external they all can fail unexpectedly. If you want to free up space on PC get a second external or install another drive in the PC so you always have 2 copies. External drive are more prone to problems like rough handling of the drive or not removing it properly and other sources of corruption.


Joe’s right, don’t do that unless you have another copy, the drive can die 20 seconds after you copy all your data to it with NO WARNING or previous symptoms. Save yourself from hating WD and losing your data by taking care of your data, get a second drive (No matter the brand) and make sure they have the same info.

That’s what a BACKUP means: To have the same information available at the same time on at least two completely different and unrelated locations in case one is to fail.