Moving around the missing Rm/Rmvb playback capability

Dear friends,

I just bought the WD TV live Hub and  I have to say it’s a wonderful device in various way, yet what gave me a great disappointment is the lack of RM/RMVB support which I thought to be a sure thing since the old versions of the WD player used to play that very smoothly.

I went acrross various topics here that were mentioning the same problem yet the answer was that this feature is “unplanned”.

Now I have huge library of RM media that I wished to play on my WD Hub but I learnt it’s impossible so I am trying to figure out a alternative.

My TV “Heisence” has a USB port that can play RM/RMVB files & that port accepts USB flash memories. Yet as you know those memory sticks have limited storage capabilities, so my question is if I buy a “My passport portable hard drive” & attach it to the TV USB  port, would the TV still see the files on the hard disk like a flash memory? This way I can store my Rm/RMVB media on the drive & play then directly on the TV “though I won’t be able to access that drive wirelessly like I do with the WD TV live HUB” .

One other thing, can the wd tv live hub be connected to a pc/ tv with a two male end USB cable?

The Passport AV should work for that if the TV can give it enough power to spin, and as far as I know the Hub doesn’t work as a USB drive.