Moving all shares from My Book World to My Book Live

I have 800 BG of data on My Book World.  What is the best way to move them all to My Book Live?

Currently both MBW and MBL are connecting to the same router (Gigabit Ethernet), but all computers (Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion) are wireless.

Is there a way to move files from MBW to MBL without passing those 800 GB of data through a computer on WiFi?  Or do I need to plug in a computer with a cable?

The best way is to connect  both drives to a computer and pass the information from one drive to another, wireless will be to slow.

It’s not a perfect idea.  I tried using a notebook on Gigabit Ethernet connecting on the same Belkin router with the MBW and MBL.  From Task Manager on the notebook, I saw 20%-50% network utilization, while WiFi is also On.  It estimates that a day will be needed to just move 100 GB data from the MBW to MBL!

Using this method, I may need 10 days (or 240 hours) to move the 1TB data, if no mistake!  

Is there a faster way?  Say, direct cable connection etc.?

Why does it take so long?  (It looks like slower than using USB 2.0.)

I replaced the PC with a better Gigabit Ethernet adapter, and the performance of it became acceptable.    I thought, if the single adapter was not fast enough, I might add a second card to the PC, but now the second thought became redundant.