Moviesheet Trade

Hi… I Have waaaaaaaay to many movies to individually make a moviesheet for all of them

Can anyone send me their thumbgen moviesheet files for all their movies?

Like just make a .zip and either upload it somewhere or email it to me?

I’d be willing to do anything if you could do this for me? someone that has a couple 100 movies or so as i’m sure we both have alot of the same movies?

Thanks… if you’re willing to do this for me

you can either message me on here or email me at

problem with that is… 

I may have:




and you may have:


which means you would have to rename:






which seems like a lot more tedious work renaming all the files cause they wont be named exactly the same. Also the moviesheet details may say 480P when your version is actually 720P which means mostlikely the audio details will be wrong too.

For your movies you could try Thumbgen’s “Automatic” Mode, and let it process the moviesheets while you are Sleeping or when you are at Work.

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Exactly Joeysmith

I have had Tghumbgen do over 1000 movies while I was asleep one night. Thier were a few that I had to change manually but overall a peice of cake.

that’s not going to work like Drizzt already said it is due to the naming, if you had to rename them it would take you longer and by simply browsing and comparing you’ll loose more time then Thumbgen would take to generate them on top of that there are theme specific sheets in various dimensions.

The absolute easiest way is thumbgen, assuming that your movies have proper naming simply map the WDTVLIVEHUB folder as a network drive, select all folders with movie content and run it in automatic mode.

When I process round about 1200 TV Episodes including custom thumbnails for each episode it takes 2 hours

Great suggestion Joey, appreciate it