Movies only play n 23 minute segments

Can anyone help? I bought a DVD copy software and am burnign all my DVDs to a WD HD, which is then connected to the WD Media Box. However, all of my VOB files only play 1 section at a time per movie. (roughly 22-23 minute sections), then I have to go and play the next file.

How can I jsut click and play the whole movie?


Press play instead of the OK button on the remote. However you’ll still notice a slight stutter between files.

Thanks so much! Is there any way around the stutter? Can I burn them in a different way?


You’re not BURNING them, you’re RIPPING them.  :)

Anyway, yes, there’s any number of ways to convert them to single files instead of multiple VOBs.  

I, for one, convert the DVDs Title Sets to MKV files containing h.264 video and the original AC3 audio (and director’s commentary if I find them easily) and soft subtitles. 

There’s pros and cons to each.

With MKVs, I lose the DVD menus.   I usually lose the “extras,” unless I put them in different files, but I gain a 70-80% compression over the DVD’s MPEG2.

You can also join the vobs together to make one file with no gaps