Movies not playing all of a sudden

I recently purchased a tv live plus and have it hard wired on my network and i use tversity for my media server. Everything was working fine and now all of a sudden i am getting a message on alot of my movies that is saying “Browser error: content not available” and the movie will not play.

Never had this problem before and these files work on everything else except through my tv live plus.

It has happened on both .mkv and .avi

Any ideas of what may be causing this?

The media server is giving the URLs to the WDTV.

When the WDTV then requests the URL, the media server is saying it’s invalid.

Nothing the WDTV can do about it… you will need to check on your media server; rebuild its indexes or whatever.

Now i noticed that it is only .mkv files it will no longer play. they were working last week but now none of them are playing, even ones that i have played before… All other files are ok…

It seems all the .mkv files stopped playing after i did the firmware update to 1.13 - so i followed the directions of all the other people having this problem and rolled the firmware back to 1.12, which helped all of them , but it did nothing for me. I rolled back and i still get the same error “browse error: cojntent not available” only on .mkv files again these files played fine last week…

Any ideas?

If you’ve rolled back firmware and that didn’t correct the issue, then the issue isn’t with the WD update.