Movies not listed

Hello there,

I have just purchased a wdtv live and have wirelessly connected to my pc.

But my MKV files have not come up in my media server list. I also cannot manage to put my video ts files on there either.

Will they only playback via hdd connected to the usb port of my SMP?

Thanks in advance.

If you’re using the Media Server, then the Media Server must support those file types.  (The native Windows media server does NOT.)

… but you can also connect to your Windows Box via Network Shares…

Hi there, thanks for the reply but I now have another problem you maybe able to help with -

I have plugged in my hdd and all my movies are listed which is great, but I have started to watch a film (MKV) and it is sticking so I stop the film, it goes back to my media library list but seems to have crashed. It wont let me do anything at all. It wont even let me turn it off.

Have i got a moody unit or are they all like this?

I always use mkv format and havent had a problem so far, but i dont use wireless i use the normal windows shares via ethernet