Movies folder missing


I recently upgraded to 2.07.17 and the device no longer played my movies.  So I rolled back to 2.06.10.  Now my Movies folder no longer appears over the network share.  When I go to \, I can see Music, console, and a folder I created for my home movies, but my “Movies” folder is no longer there.  However, the movies are still on the device and can be accessed through the interface.  Also, the Twonky client sees them as well.  It’s a little frustrating because I would like to upload more videos, but I can’t access the folder where they are stored.  If I map the IP to “Z” through the WD Discovery App, then open a cmd prompt and type Z:\ cd Movies, it tells me that the directory doesn’t exist.  Any ideas?  I’m still running Windows XP SP3 and never had this problem before upgrading to 2.07.17 then rolling back to 2.06.10.

Factory reset.