Movies fail to start after unit has ben on a while (Live Hub)


I am running the latest firmware and I still notice (was doing this before as well) that movies won’t start, generally after you have watched one.  I have some 720p and 1080p MKV files on the hard drive.  I can watch one, but when I go to watch another one or come back after a while, subsequent movies won’t load until I reset the unit.  It just shows the spinning orange arrow.  After a restart (holding the power button) that same movie will play just fine.  

Anyone else having this issue and any ideas?  

Also, I noticed that the check for new firmware option is now missing.  Odd.  I love the unit otherwise but I really hope this gets fixed in a future update.

Check for new firmware option? There never was one. NONE of the WD media products have ever had that. Are you sure you’re in the right place? :slight_smile:

There WAS a “check for update” in the device settings menu but it’s gone.  That’s how I upgraded to the latest firmware actually.  This is the new Live TV Hub with the built in 1TB HDD, not the normal Live’s like you have in your sig block.

At the bottom:

“Alternatively, users may manually check for an online update at any time by going to the “Check for updates” section within the device settings menu, while the device is connected to the Internet.”

Hmmm… You may be forcing me to eat my words… I’d go back to 2.01.06 to check, but last time I did that to test something I darn near wrecked my hub. Truth is, I don’t think it’s useful… The WD checks automatically as soon as you turn it on…

Oh, and thanks for reminding me about the sig… :slight_smile:

So I recently upgraded again to the latest firmware 2.02.19 when I was presented with the option.  But still having the same issue.  I just watched an AVI file and once it was done, I couldnt watch another one until I reboot the unit.

Very disappointed.  Might have to switch back to my asus o!play units which have a horrible interface in comparison but they just work…

This sounds very similar to the issue I’m having, where DVDs won’t start after I’ve been playing music/ photo sequences for awhile (see the thread I started last night). I leave the unit on 24/7 and always have a music/ photo sequence playing. When I quit it to start a DVD, it own’t play. After a restart it will.