Movie's audio is digital, connection to hi-fi is analog... what to do?

Hello everybody.

First off, WD HD TV rocks. Period.

I own a very high-end Linn stereo system with an analog stereo amplifier and 2 active speakers which I’m totally satisfied with. I therefore connect my WD HD TV’s audio via analog L/R to my stereo amp and the video via HDMI to my HD projector.

When I have a movie with only digital audio, though, I can hear no audio. Presumably the WD HD TV won’t do the conversion to analog and I don’t have a digital amplifier (neither do I want one). I therefore have to convert all these files’ audio tracks to analog stereo. THEN I can watch them on the HD TV.

Does anybody have any other suggestion in this sense?



Go into your WD TV settings and change it from digital to stereo.

It’s already set to stereo, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to hear the other movies either.

Thanks for you input, though. :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

Hi there, the problem is not with your amplifier… i suppose you have the 1st generation WDTV Box, same as me. The problem with those ones is that are not capable for decoding DTS sound system… so until WD team make a firmware update which solve this bug, i think the best you can do (i am doing it!) is to convert the .mkv files (usual the problem are with those files, because the HD files usual comes in .mkv format with DTS sound).

 Here is a program which i am using it for converting DTS to Dolby Digital :

If you do the conversion, the image still remains HD, the only thing is the program add a audio chanel to the file. You can choose the option to delete the original DTS chanel (the file will be shorter with few 100 MB…) or you can keep the DTS audio file as well (i am doing this). So when you convert (takes about 20-30 minutes, depend on the file lengt and of course how quick is your pc…)

 Don’t  forget when you play back on your WDTV box the file to switch the audio chanel to Dolby Digital on Option, tab audio! good luck! :slight_smile:

    regards from Athens - Greece :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Thank you for your input.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing already. It’s kind of a drag to have to convert all my movies that have digital audio, that’s why I was posting here for alternative solutions! :slight_smile: