Movie XML Template

has anyone here got a basic xml template that they can share with me? i’ve got a handful of movies that won’t be found using the normal scraping process so would like to generate my own xml file.

i need something like this

total time

i’ve tried to edit a wdtv generated file with xml editor but there is a ton of junk in there and not being too familiar with the whole process, i thought i’d stick to the basics above :smiley:

A Basic Layout… (Manually Replace the Text Highlighted in Yellow )

My Unknown Movie.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
My Unknown Movie **The Movie Description Story aka Plot Goes Here** 17.02.2011 117 PG Action The Actors Name Goes Here The Actors Name Goes Here The Actors Name Goes Here The Directors Name Goes Here
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I would suggest you the Software WDTVHubGen. The xml files generated there can be used for SMP as well. And you can search with imdb IDs.

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thanks for your replies and the template above. i tried the WDTVHubGen yesterday but couldn’t work out how to create a xml from scratch rather than scraping for the data. so searched some more and came across this

which i tested for 1 of my movies and seems to work ok. even though it is called ‘WDTV Live Hub XML-Editor’ i can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work with smp. what do others think?

i’ve only got a handful of titles that i need to create my own xml for so looks like this will do the trick.