Movie & TV Folder Icons?

Hi There,

I am new here and also new to the WD Live TV Hub I purchased. I thinks it’s great so far with a few minor problems. I have been looking all over these forums but I have not come across what I am looking for. I would like to add some icons for the Movies Category (Film Canister) TV (TV Set) Music (CD) and Photos (Camera) but I have not been very successful. These are just the icon for each category I am looking to add. Does anybody have how to do this in step by step terms?

Thanks very much for any help in advance. Great Forums very helpful even to us older people.  :smiley:

Just put the icon in the folder and name them either “folder.jpg” or “folder.png”.

^^This is a great idea, i dont want my TV shows mixed in with feature movies… can anyone verify this works.

I have my files organised into folders by broad type, e.g. Film, TV, Anime, etc.

In each main folder there’s a custom folder.jpg chosen from PsychoTHC’s Graphics Pack.

Easy to do and works well to make folders quickly visually identifiable.