Movie trailers on Blockbuster

Just wondered if anyone else has problems playing movie trailers on the Blockbuster On Demand site. The problem seemed to have started after the latest WD Live TV Hub firmware update, but I can’t positively say for sure. I got an RMA replacement unit because of some other issues, but it still doesn’t play movie trailers. The same issue occurs with Cinema Now trailers. Any ideas? Thanks.

The trailers don’t play for me either. Maybe you have to subscribe to play the trailers.

All I know is that they used to play just fine and then suddenly stopped. It seemed to happen around the time of the latest firmware upgrade (2.07.17) but I can’t really say that was more that a coincedence. No one at Western Digital or Blockbuster has identified a reason as yet. By the way, trailers don’t play on Cinema Now either. The only common factor is they are both “Powered by Roxio” or “Roxio Powered” or whatever it is. Again, I don’t know if that’s part of the problem or not. Either way, it’s very frustrating. Netflix still plays fine, although their new user interface/menu **bleep**.

I just discovered this old thread. I have the same issue. The trailers used to play fine until a couple of firmware updates ago. Any new info on this?