Movie Trailer via harddrive


Does anyone know if its possible to view the movie trailers for movies on the usb via a separate folder on the harddrive or usb. I know you can view the trailers via the xml on youtube but do not wish to use the net to watch the trailers. Is their a way for the xml to read the trailer from the usb instaed of the net. Ideas welcome.


only way I can think of is put the trailer in with the movies with the same name as the movie file [that way they are side by side] or make a seperate folder strickly for all your trailers and set them up the same way you setup your movies.


How to Train your Dragon.mkv

How to Train your Dragon-Trailer.avi

Example2: action, animation, comedy, drama, horror, suspense, trailers, TV series

If there is a way to hardcode it into the coding I am not sure. Maybe the experienced themers could dig deeper on that topic

If you use the dummy file method with the moviesheet theme, you can replace my movie intro with the movie trailer…

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