Movie sheet frustration badly need help

i am very very new to all of this so please bear with me.
i hope i am posting this in the right forum.

i have a live hub with 3.09.18 (latest) firmware
and have all my media on the internal hard drive.
i have spent multiple hours on reading and hopefully learning how movies sheets work.
i still do not fully understand the differences between movie sheets on the SMP and the HUB.
i downloaded MOJO (themes) and templates etc.from here"

Mojo for the SMP. (Updated 9-29-12)

the Thumbgen software program

plus the Thumbgen user’s guide for the WDTV Live SMP/HUB (Updated 6-26-12)

after trial and error i have the following files and according to the user’s guide this is what i should have.
i have my hub setup for gallery view but they do not work.
i have read many of the posts for movie sheet problems and i do not see what else i need to do in order for them to work.

The Godfather I _sheet.jpg
The Godfather I.jpg
The Godfather I.metathumb
The Godfather I.mkv
The Godfather I.mkv.tgmd
The Godfather I.xml
The Godfather I_cover.jpg
The Godfather I_fanart.jpg

i followed to the letter the thumbgens usere’s guide and in options/input/output naming the default extension was JPG i did read that in some cases it should be PNG .i have done the movie twice one with PNG and one (like the above) JPG but they still do not work.

there is also a .wd_tv folder in each of my movie folders should this be there? plus my folders are named exactly as the movie.

the user’s guide also suggested this which i also followed"

"To make the moviesheet semi-static.  On the HUB/SMP, select Setup, then select Photo Settings.  In the Photo Settings menu, select “Slideshow Transition” and set it to “Fade”, then select “Slideshow Interval Time” and set it for “5 minutes”.

just before posting this i cleared the meadia library and rebooted no changes

could it all be a problem with the latest firmware 3.09.18? i am at my wits end and do not know now which way to turn.any help or assistance would be be most appreciated.

Check if you downloaded the correct theme for the WDTV.

Edit: Sorry Joey, didn’t meant any harm.

If you are using a WDTV Live Hub then you should not be using a theme for a SMP (Streaming Media Player). They are two different devices.

Placing movies in folders with the same name as the movie might be part of the problem. You should do thusly:

The movies should be placed in genre folders

Movies (Folder for all movies)


     Batman Begins.mkv

     Pirates of the Caribbean.mkv

     Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Arc.mkv


    Blazing Saddles.mkv

    Life On a String.mkv

    Road to Rio.mkv

Inside the genre folder with the movies there should be an .xml a .jpg and a _sheet.jpg and if you opted for it a .tgmd file for each movie. They would be named:

Batman Begins.mkv (the movie)

Batman Begins.jpg (the movie cover art)

Batman Begins_sheet.jpg (the movie sheet)

Batman Begins.xml (contains the info about the movie)

Batman Begins.tgmd (contains all the art for the movie to make the stuff above - Its a backup file sorta and is not NEEDED but handy to have)

Don’t worry about the .wd_tv folder the hub makes it on any drive it connects to.


A linksheet theme is a whole different bag of worms. Get the theme you have selected working before you try any other themes. Then you’ll learn how and have a better idea when you’re ready to change themes or move to a linksheet theme.


many thanks for your reply it is appreciated.i double checked the links i had for the mojo downloads and theupdated  themes and templates were definatley for both the smp and hub.the thumbgen tutorial which was part of the download definately says that the tutorial was for both SMP/HUB so i thought at least for the moment i would stay with it double check that i had the tutorial instructions correct and redid everything…the problem which you correctly identified was the way i had the folders setup. so i followed your advice and re set them up as folder/genre/movies and that did the trick.i put ten movies in the sub folder and all of the moviesheets came out fine.i just wanted to let you know the outcome and thank you again for your kind assistance.regrds