Movie plot info etc?, *pic included*

hello all

just got the new wdtv live, very nice bit of kit at a great price…

i have it set in the same view as the following picture…

but i dont get plot info / movie rating etc etc like in the picture.

how can i set mine up to get that?

You can’t do that with the Live / Live+.  Only the Live Hub and Live SMP.

ok thanks

why is it the same layout then, and leaves blanks where it says director etc?

what is restricting it from doing this?

this is the one i have:

Hi logix

This thread should answer all your questions

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Thanks mate. I knew there must have been a problem. :slight_smile:

Based on the picture you posted, it looks like you have the Live Streaming Player.  So, this should work:

First, get the WDTV Hub Generator 2.0 from here.  Follow the instructions on the page to run it.  This program will scan your movies folder, match it up to, and download the movie info as a .xml file and also save cover thumbnails into your movies folder.

I just tried it last night and it works for me.  

Make sure that in your WDTV, you are using a “Network Share” source like Samba or NFS though, because I couldn’t get cover pictures or metadata (the .xml files) to work when I was using “Media Server”.  Press the red button to switch sources.

will try thanks mate