Movie list - cover question


I have a mini.  That I have started to put all the kids dvds onto.

How do get a picture of the dvd to appear in the preview? at the moment it’s a plain folder.


I don’t believe the MINI supports Cover Art for anything but AUDIO files.

I am also here for the exact same reason. It doesnt support it although Im receiving emails from the support team telling me it definately does work and that I must have a faulty unit! even though its the second one Ive tried it with.

 Customer By Web Form (Andrew Binns) 08/16/2011 11:20 AM
I recently bought the WD TV mini on the promise that there was thumbnail support as quoted on your website and in the manual. Please can you advise me on how to arrange the files on my drive so that I can add thumbnails to my video collection (Im setting it up for a child with autism that cannot read - hence wanting picture references to the desired video clips)
 Customer By Email (Andrew Binns) 08/19/2011 01:42 PM
I have tried this repeatedly without success already. Ive posted on other online forums and many people (,infact ALL that have tried) are finding the same problem with this machine. Is it possible for yourself to actually try this on the questioned machine and report any successfull setup? Does the jpg need to be a particular size? Does there need to be a specific folder arangement on the hard drive? Even after I click on the browser view and change to 'thumbnail' its just displaying as a list with the
preview :-( Im 100% sure its a bug and will require a firmware update.

I replied again to say it definately doesnt work and havent heard a response