Movie folders being duplicated from usb drive

I looked, but couldn’t find anything on this subject. I have done this twice, and I can’t figure out why it is happening. Using the USB external hard drive to play movies, no problems. Works great. I decided to copy a folder from the USB drive onto the Live HD, and it worked fine. Movies play well and everything. I unplugged my USB drive, take it to my computer to put different movies on it, come back and plug it into the WD Live Hub, and it automatically generates a second folder under the movies section with the same exact name. It doesn’t look to duplicate the file (does take forever like it may be transferring the file though). When I went into the WD HD to play a movie (Lion King from folder ‘Disney’), it plays fine. When I went to the duplicate folder and played Lion King, it started at the exact same spot. Any way to prevent the movie lists from being duplicated? Or to clean it up? I tried to delete one of the folders, and both folders deleted. So I have gone through the same process again, and both are now back there on the WD HD. 

I have the same problem even with internal harddisk of the Live Hub.

Notice that those folders with folder picture are duplicated.

Anyway to remedy?


I’ve been facing the same problem. Does anyone form Western Digital know about this?

Need more detail.

Please give an example path on the USB drive that gets duplicated, and the full path to the duplicate folder.

Are ya’ll using USB-Sync?