Movie Files and Icons


I just purchased my Live Hub today.  I copied 13 episodes of a series of DVDs to my computer using DVDFab.  These images are exactly as I would burn them to a DVD and they all work fine.  Each episode is in its own folder using the name of the episode, for eample “Leper of St GIles.”

When I copied all the episodes to the Live Hub, three of them appeared different.  One episode showed a camera icon next to the name instead of a folder icon like the rest.  Two of them are showing the .VOB file instead of the folder name.

When I look at my Live Hub from my PC, the folders all look correct with the right names.

I cant figure out why they are behaving this way.  Any suggestions?


Chris A.

What firmware are you using? Do this files play correctly?

Are they all in their own VIDEO_TS Folder:

Like this:

Episode 1 Name\VIDEO_TS\Vob Tree…

Episode 2 Name\VIDEO_TS\Vob Tree…


I have fixed the problem.

I had to do a manual update to the media library and that fixed all the title issues.