Movie Cover Art not displaying

I had been using a windows 7 server to stream video files to my WD TV live.  The video files had embedded Cover art that displayed perfectly on my WD TV Live and my Xbox 360.

I set up my new My Book Live and copied the files over.  To my surprised no more cover art.  I tried putting a few of the movies in a folder with a JPG of the art with the same filename.  Still No luck.  I rebuilt the twonky database, rebooted the Mybook.  Still no cover art.  

It seems a little strange that I am using 2 WD products that are designed to serve up media and such a basic function is not working.  Am I doing something wrong?  Does anyone have cover art displaying properly?


How are you connecting to the My Book Live, network share or media server? If you are using Media server, then you will not see the art, because the My Book Live uses Twonky.

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I am using Media Server.  That is really disappointing.  I thought I had a better chance of everything working if I used all Western Digital products.  Looks like I will probably end up returning this drive.  It would have been great to set up a big media library on it but without the cover art it’s just not as good.  I guess I’ll have to just stick with my Windows Server.  Do you know if they could add this feature with a firmware update?  If so I will keep an eye on the support page and see if they release a firmware update that fixes this.  If they do perhaps I will repurchase.  Thanks for the help.

This is an issue with Twonky, try to access the drive using network shares.