Moved files from public folder to private folder, now the folder is showing empty?

I moved the files online in and now the folder is showing empty on both online and in my network drive.

Is there any way to find the files? What happened?

I have a suspicion, but you would need to log into the device over ssh and poke around for me, for me to be sure.

Specifically, the mycloud service uses a special user and group account to do its thing. I suspect the files and folders were re-created at the destination with user/group credentials that Samba cannot read, and so Samba says “No, can’t see them. No files.”


Do you remember where you moved the files? How did you move them, drag and drop, copy and paste, cut and paste, etc.?

What device and operating system are you using?

If you have a My Cloud why not use, ? Below is an example image of mine. The things I can do are move from Public to my Horace share or Horace share to Public, plus download. There are six things I can do with the file I selected.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.