Moved! Can’t log into my cloud mirror with static IP address

Good afternoon all:

I’m really hoping that somebody in the forum can give me some direction.

My family and I moved from Connecticut to Pittsburgh and I’ve finally been tasked with putting the new home network back together, including my MyCloudMirror, which spent a lengthy stay in our moving pod.

I’ve got a wired home with data ports in multiple locations. In one of these locations I have a switch that my my mirror is plugged into.

Unfortunately, I realized soon after I set everything up that my my cloud mirror is still set with a static IP address from my previous location.

Is there anyway that I can get into the my cloud mirror to change that IP address short of wiping the drive?

Connect your computer directly to it and you should be able to access it and change the IP to auto or to another static IP.

After a good home cooked meal and some smarter searching, I came up with an easy answer. You can do a soft reset that resets the admin password and resets the IP to DHCP. Leaving this hear and hope it helps someone else.

Thanks all!!

Other options:

  • ALWAYS. . . .assign IP’s from the router and not the device. That way. . if the router crups out. . .no harm.

  • If you KNOW what IP address the NAS is assigning itself internally, you can reset the router to work with that IP address (i.e. change the IP address pool)

depending on your modem type or by logging in to its menu
you can see the static address and print them out.

ie my Arris uses

http:// 192. 168. 100. 1/RgAddress.asp

there are extra blanks in front of the ones