Mounting issues

Along with many of you, I am having mounting issues with my passport drive.

Some background.

I bought my passport probably about a month ago. I formatted the drive to my mac and has been working fine on my computer along with the mac I use for editing.

Until a couple of days ago.
I tried connecting it to my editing Mac and it did not mount. I even tried it on several other Macs and nothing. It turns on, light is blinking, I feel the spinning in it. But nothing on the desktop and nothing shows up in the disk utility.

Then, I plugged it into a PC and it is recognizable. Only thing is that there is no way to open on a PC, no folder is opening up for the drive.

What can I do to open it on my computer?


Go> utilities> disk utility> click the drive> first aid.

If that doesn’t work then format it, and then check for  errors with a diagnostics app.