Mountain Lion slowing My Book Essential?

Since upgrading to OSX 10.8, Mountan Lion, accessing my My Book Essential 2TB always involves a lag time of about 30 seconds on first use.  This is causing problems with my music composition software and iTunes library.

Is this likely to be a coincidence?  I do not have enough capacity elsewhere to make a complete backup to try new firmware.

Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Did you check and see if there were updated drivers for your drive from WD? They did release some drivers for Macs but I don’t know much about Macs


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Thanks - my WD software says I have the latest upgrade so I’m not sure if there’s a later driver available.  I’m nervous about replacing any software in case I lose data (I bought the 2TB unit because my old WD 1TB My Book started to play up.  

I think it’s solved now - the disk was being put to sleep when not in use for a while  I did two things -

1.  using Smartware I went into Settings / Set Up Drive / Drive Settings /Settings / Sleep Timer and set it to ‘Never’.  (that alone didn’t work)

  1. In Mac System Preferences select Hardware/Energy Saver and unclick ‘Put hard disks to sleep when possible’ .

Seems to be working OK now.