Mount drive from more than one computer?

I’m curious why there are 2 firewire ports on my WD My Book Studio external hard drive.  Is it possible to mount the drive from more than one computer at a time?  I know I can share a drive through my Airport Extreme, but I’m wondering if the drive can have more than one computer connected directly (both firewire, or one firewire one usb, etc.).  


Yes, you can mount a drive with multiple computers.

Either via firewire and firewire or firewire and usb at the same time.

I’m very happy to hear that!  Now I just need to figure out how to do it!

I have one computer connected, but then when I connect the other computer the drive doesn’t show up on the second computer until I eject it from the first computer.  And vice-versa.  Is there a trick to get both mounted at once?