Mount 1 blue ring to a mybook white light?

Hi all,

Have an issue i’ve just purchased a new mybook white light and have the older blue ring wondering since i will be using the white light to stream all the data can i mount the content of my blue ring version to the white light basically looking todo the following

On the white light all Movies from the blue ring show in the movies directory wouuld be lookiing to do this for Episodes, Pictures etc?

Any idea… Could i use the mount command and do an in -s


mount.cifs // /shares/Public/Teros/ -o user=xxx,pass=xxx,iocharset=utf8

I’ve been able to mount one mybook to another issue is within the folder i am trying to mount the device to in explorer view it shows nothing. I can only see the folders on the other mybook via CLI anyone know how to fix?>