Anyway for support for MOTV  to be added to Live Hub?

Hi, difficult to know if it will be added on future firmware updates. 

Would be nice if they would consider adding to line up.

ARE there going to be future firmware updates?  

We haven’t gotten the most recent version of what the WD TV Live Streaming folks got, AFAIK, which lends credence to speculation that WD has discontinued the Hub.

A little disheartening considering that the Hub appeared to be WD’s premier media viewing product IMO, and is still unmatched in its combination of media compatibility range and local storage.  I bought it with those two criteria in mind and it is the center of my entertainment setup. I intend to replace audio and the tv itself before the Hub.  

With that, I would like to see WD support it as they do newer, less capable products, and possibly fix longstanding issues like the TV episode naming bug, and possibly add new services.