Mother of all data recovery

hi guys, here is what happened so far…

my 2TB western digital drive crashed. WD20EARX.    R/N 771698

tried everything with mac osx, disk utilities etc etc.disk was dead, wouldnt spin up.

bought a brand new one with exact model number and reference number. swapped the cards from the drive and the disk spins up… but only on my linux computer.mac and windows cant see the drive and it doesnt spin up,

drive is connected via usb.  ( i have ordered sata cables)

ran testdisk on my linux computer which is a disc recovery program for terminal and the drive could be seen but not read. tried every test but still could nt see the data on the drive. all reports back from the testdisk utilities says that it is not reading any files. it may simply be reading the card. It knows how big the drive is but that info may be on the card.

my friend sent me an email and said that it is not possible for a western digital drive to work with another western digital card even if it is the same model and reference number.

my question is…  does anyone know if this is true? How can I replace the card on the disc drive and have it work? I thought if the model number was the same and the reference nuber was the same you could simply swap the card. Am i deluding myself? does anyone else have any ideas on how to get this daya off the drive, it is incredibly important to me.

thank you

The model number and the suffix must be the same, for example, the complete number for my Caviar Green 2TB is WD20EARS-00MVWB0, after the dash the second number must be the same because it represent the firmware version. If the suffix is not the same it might damage your information further.