Mojo MS or MSP

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing research on the internet to determine how I could improve the overall management of my movie collection using the WD TV Live Hub. My movie collection (all 2200) is made up of MKV or AVI files. Currently each movie file (MKV or AVI) does not reside in its own folder. To manage my movie collection I have a Excel spreadsheet on my computer. Going forward I would like to trash my Excel spreadsheet and manage my collection with Mojo and Thumbgen. I realize this will be a lot of work, therefore it is important to get thing s right from the onset, hence the need for following questions: 

1)Should each movie file be placed in its own individual folder? 

Example: Folder Title = Bitter Moon [1992]

Content = Bitter Moon.AVI

2)Once I have successfully created a MovieSheet using Thumbgen and Mojo what additional files and extensionswould be created in the associated movie folder besides the movie file? 

3)Since I am starting from ground zero is there a preference between Mojo (MS) and Mojo (MSP) and what is thelatest version?

  1. Is it possible to place an overall movie directory on the WD TV Live Hub internal HD and if so what is the file typeneeded and can Thumbgen create the file?  

Here is what I have completed in preparation:

  • WD TV Live Hub firmware updated to version 2.07.17
  • Downloaded Thumbgen version
  • Unzipped Thumbgen into its own folder, template folder created
  • Downloaded the Thumbgen User’s guide (9-10-11)
  • Downloaded Mojo Moviesheets
  • Downloaded Mojo 1.10.02 (MS)
  • Should I download the latest version of Mojo (MSP)?

Answers to these questions and any other advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank You In Advance

Hello Ringo.

2200 movies would mean a lot of scrolling to get to the the movie in the middle of the pack. I would recommend that you divide them by Genre (ie Action, Horror, etc).

Thumbgen is now at version Check for update.

I would stick with the latest Mojo theme as it is the one being updated lately. Be sure to follow the tutorial and you should have no problems.

Cheer :slight_smile: