Modify Mochi theme?

Is there a way I can modify mochi theme? 

Hi Miriam

The answer is quite simply YES!

First check out WDTV website to give yourself an initial insight to the theming aspect of the HUB.

Once you have digested all the info then drop another post so that myself or other people on the forum can post further info.

To change the Mochi theme, all you have to do is create a new folder in the “wd_tv/theme” folder.  Then add only what you want to change about the Mochi theme.  Anything that you don’t add will be filled in by the Mochi theme.

So if you are just wanting to make a few changes to the Mochi theme, just create a new theme folder and name it something like “Mochi 2” or what ever you want and then add the images and xmls that you want to change, then edit them.  You only have to add the xmls and images that you are going to edit, you don’t need the entire theme.  Anything that you don’t edit and add will be filled in by the default Mochi theme.

You can get the entire Mochi theme from HERE.

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Thanks architectonic and tinwarble, I’m studying how theming works right now. 

Here is what i have did for my mochi theme, ive used joeysmyths aoen as a guide in making this.





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@ Miriam_P

Cool    :smiley:

You’re a fast learner!

 Nice work Miriam

Any developments with the rest of your theme?

Thanks architectonic! So far I’ve only done is the Home menu navigation, and currently working on with the moviesheet. 

The moviesheet part is a lot harder but thanks to this forum i’m learning many things.

Glad to hear you’re continuing the theme.

Have you checked out Tinwarbles post below- its a great guide to the xml codes!!