Modified Aeonish for WDTVLive SMP

finally a decent them for SMP… Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do

Can you upload original theme too, please?

Any screenshots?

I got no way to take SS sorry… but the background looks like this

It’s all my old work,  acknowledgment to the original author…  would’ve been nice…

Screenshots of the ‘Home Screen’ can be seen here…

Screenshots of the ‘Views’ can be seen here…

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Being that it’s a moviesheet theme - how is that supposed to work with the SMP? Because you can’t use .png on the SMP - so won’t the cover art generated via Thumbgen look off? I.e. You can’t use the cover art templates.


Yes, that’s a good question.  Aeonish Themes (Final + This Old Beta) are designed for png Moviesheets for the Live Hub up to FW 2.07.17

will have to let “baxuca” answer that one.

Definitely agee JoeySmyth, we should always acknowledge you guys (theme creators) for doing all you do for us that can’t create themes, and your forum help.


i just love the looks of that them and sorry i didnt know who the autor was i thought your name was aeonish that is why i put that in the title

i dont even use Moviesheets i just love the desgin and GUI that JoeySmith created and i wanted to use it on SMP… so i did and shared it here with other people… 

sorry for any misunderstanding this isnt my theme it is joeysmith theme

Is there a TG template for this theme?

Sorry this theme is just to change the layout

Thanks, theme works great