Mochi-theme modification (moviesheet w/ 16 posters in same window)

Hello folks!

I’ve been looking for a simple moviesheet solution for both Gen 3 and Gen 4 WD TV Live units that maintain the original look of the unit…I could find nothing to my liking so I started to modificate some earlier projects by various people for my own liking and pretty much ended up editing the whole modification for the Mochi from the scratch… I hope no-one is offended as I’ve used some code found from other projects and of course, this uses the Mochi. I hope there’s no copyrights etc. violated. If so, feel free to remove this theme from here if I’ve done something wrong.

To cut the story short, here is original Mochi-theme modification with moviesheet window (16 posters/images in the same window) - the only thing that is replaced from the Mochi theme is the view where one can see the plot/info/cast/director etc.

NOTE: This is not a professional work, this is my first attempt at “programming” and is, of course, non-profitable project. Use with your own risk, all the units I’ve tested (gen3 and gen4) worked ok without problems. Also… Feel free to make it better, this was the best I could do maintaining the original look and adding a moviesheet view.

Sample photo here - this is my “main window” now: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
File here:

Please note, the background in the sample photo is my own and the buttons are graphics that are in the hard drives folders. The modification doesn’t have the graphics, it simply adds the moviesheet to the Mochi theme. You can make your graphics how you want them or use Mochi as it is :slight_smile:

Thank You! All the best to all WD TV Live users - what a magnificent unit we have here!

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Thank you for sharing. Themes are always interesting.