Mochi Icon Menu - move possible?


happy new year everybody…

A question to the Themers… if it possible to move the Mochi Icon Menu to the left central side (vertical), maybe in xmbc


The horizontal  Menu covers always my great Backrounds.

Best Regards


So basically you want the ‘old’ vertical scrolling menu icons from the WDTV Gen1 and WDTV Live  days… ?

Played a ‘little’ with it … but no success.

Successfully caused the Hub to go into an Endless Reboot Cycle though :smileyvery-happy:

Playing around with the rv_home.xm l  and  inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml  is very ‘touchy’

Tried Code from the Gen1 and Live… but nope … nadda.

Hm,  too bad -

Thanks a lot for the Info