Mobile remote

So the mobile remote won’t work but the photo app will.  I was able to send a file to the device using my phone and the photo app.  I am able to get to the device through the web interface.  Both the phone and the live tv hub are on the same subnet.

The firmware on the device is 3.07.14

I have a samsung Galaxy nexus running 4.1.

I don’t want to have to put my phone in airplain mode it seems a little ridiculous.  I just want it to work as advertised.  i will try to uninstall and see how that goes.

Hello, if you are trying to use the WD remote app, as long as the phone and the WDTV are part of the same workgroup it should work, also be sure to update the WDTV firmware to the latest version. 

I have tried everything.  I’ve been in IT for 15 years and this is just rediculous.  I can browse the device through es file explorer.  I can ping it from my phone.  I can send files to it using the photo app but can’t use it as a remote.  I have the latest firmware installed on the device.  

After using the wdtv I find the hardware lacking and I regret the purchase.  I should have went with a google tv device.  Trying to play anything true 1920x1080 is so choppy it is un-watchable.

WD Photos app uses a 2-way handshake via a server; it doesn’t use discovery.

WD Remote requires discovery broadcasts.

Is there a possibility there’s something on your network that’s blocking the discovery packets?