Mobile Photo Backup?


I have an external HD attached to my Mac computer that has been working great for us. Up until now the method for getting photos off our phones (My Android and Wife’s iPhone) has been a bit archaic. We have been using the free Dropbox app with about 3gb of storage or whatever and transfering the photos to that (automatically) then transferring them from the dropbox folder on our computer to the WD External HDD.

Yesterday I assisted my mother-in-law with hooking up her new Seagate External HD. It came with a software called “Seagate Dashboard”, this software has the ability to install an app on your phone and if the phone and computer are both on the same WiFi network the photos are automatically transferred to the External HD over the WiFi connection.

I would love this exact same solution for my WD HDD, but I cannot find anything great. I am NOT interested in “cloud” storage or monthly fees as we already use BackBlaze to save our photos securely, we just want to be able to archive our photos for easy access and less hassle.

This feature is part of the WD My Cloud App, available for the so called “My Cloud” network attached storage devices. Don’t pay BackBlaze, use you Very Private Cloud at your home. Starting capacity is 2 TB with no fees, no hassles and easy access to your data.