Mobile phone auto back-up issue - no background uploading

hi, it’s very strange that i dont have “background uploading” as an option in my mobile app of my cloud home. now i have to keep the apps open to upload my photos. so unconvenient…

I am using latest android. but i can only see “enable auto backup” and “cellular network” on that corresponding page. no “background uploading”… anyone has the same issue and knows how to fix it?

much appreciated!

Turn app off after uploading and restart app when you have new photos to upload.

thanks. but i never finished uploading all my photos. did you have the same issue before? i tried delete and re-install the app and it is still the same…

iPhones have this issue but androids do not.

hmm interesting…

i called service hotline. was told now all uses do not see the “background uploading” option. this function is automatically enabled. i will try with another phone then.