Mobile App shows circular arrow plus the word loading after launching shared link

I have just purchased and setup a 4TB My Cloud. After having uploaded some photos to a folder, I shared a link to the folder with other people selecting their IM or Whatsapp. When the person clicked the link from the IM or Whatsapp on their mobile device, The link opens up a page that has the blue “My Cloud” banner at the top with three white dots on the far right side. Immediately below the banner shows a big half open circular arrow, and at the bottom of the screen the word “Loading”. This page just stays there forever and nothing gets loaded. Until the person tab on the circular arrow, then the photo thumbnails will show.
Also, when the person tab on a photo thumbnail, it will bring up the photo, but the photo cannot be zoomed in. Unless the person downloads the photo, but that can only be done indivdually.

Is this the normal behavior of My Cloud? The first blue “My Cloud” banner page is misleading and confusing. If I want to share a link with people, I don’t want to have to provide instructions to tell them that they have to tab on the arrow before they can see the contents. And not being able to zoom in the photo unless it’s been downloaded is not convenient neither. These behavior is certainly different than Dropbox.

Please let me know if there is some settings that can fix this behavior. Thank you.


Hello, the WD My Cloud page is not designed to open on a mobile device, are they able to open it on a computer?

I just wanted to share my files or photos to friends. So from my own “My Cloud” mobile app, I open the folder or photo and select “Share link” where I can share it to IM or Whatsapp…etc. When my friends open the link that I sent them from their mobile devices, that would open a browser and see the page that I described. There should not be a need to open the link from a computer.

Surely, a browser is a browser, whether it runs on a desktop or on a mobile device?

A mobile browser may want pages to be designed to be optimised for viewing on the smaller viewport, or use dynamic layout, but they ought to display. If viewport format is a problem, then it may be possible to use the browser’s ‘request desktop site’ option.

The behavior you are experiencing when you share a link to a folder is not what happens on my mobile device using email. Could be caused by the IM or Whatsapp apps. Try emailing the link to see if the same issue occurs.

In my case when I email a link, when I click on the link within the Gmail app on my Android phone the folder contents is downloaded as a zip file. If I share a link to an individual file the file itself is downloaded to my phone.

If using the portal to send the share link, try sending a public link rather than a private link. You can set the option of public or private on the Send Link dialog screen.