Mobile App Private Access

Right now I’m using the Seagate Central as my main NAS drive and honestly I’m not all that impressed. My biggest gripe is that you cannot access private files through the mobile app. My main question is 1)Can you make private folders/files that require passwords to access, and 2) If you can, can you access these files through the mobile app or “remote access”(I guess it would be WD 2 Go)?


Sorry but WD2go will only work with Western Digital Network drives. For more information on this drive please contact Seagate.

That wasn’t my question… I was wondering if I were to buy the my book live duo, if you can “1) Create private folders that require a password to access and 2) If I can access these folders with the WD 2 Go app” Pretty much directly from the first post…

Yes, and yes.

You can create users and shares, and assign permissions to all shares except “Public”. The default Public share is stuck at public and cannot be deleted. All others can be modified.

When you create a code from the drive to attach a WD2go device it will ask you what user you want to use. Which ever user you choose, that user’s shares will be available to the mobile device.

The same works for the interface, only you have to enter the user’s password before you gain access to the shares.