Mobile app can't run backups

I’ve downloaded the WD My Cloud’s app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and had it select a folder inside my WD hard drive where to upload the backups of my cell phone and every time the app tries to do so (once a day, even though it’s supposed to do it every three minutes) it says “No SD card: SD card needed for the storage”.
The S6 models don’t have an SD card, at least not a removable and changeable one, but is this really the issue? Does this mean the “new” app is incompatible with new smartphones (since even the iPhone doesn’t have an SD slot)?

I don’t use the app, but doesn’t it simply have an option which lets you point to the specific folder that you want to backup/sync? Check the app’s Settings, and see if it let’s you choose a certain folder, instead of an SD card. Will that work?

Yep, that’s what I wrote:

I don’t mean the destination folder for the backup (you said “inside my WD hard drive where to upload”). What I mean, is on the app on your phone, is there an option to select a “from” folder?

It’s on your phone that you get the “SD not present” alert, so I’m wondering if the phone app’s setting can point to a specific folder located on your phone. Then, worry about the folder inside your WD later.

I’m afraid I’m not really following here.
A “backup” is the copy of something that already existed. A backup doesn’t create anything new, it just copies files that were already in existence.
If I want to backup my photos and videos I can’t possibly create a specific origin/from folder just for the backup in my phone: the origin folder has to be, of course, the one where the photos and videos are automatically generated by the phone, and, since the S6, compared to older Samsung models, has very limited options, I can’t change that folder to another one inside the phone.
If you meant a destination folder INSIDE my phone, well, that wouldn’t have any sense, because if the phone broke down or got stolen, I wouldn’t actually have any backup OUTSIDE my phone, which is what I want.

This is what I’m saying:

  1. The photos are on your phone.
  2. You want to back up your photos.
  3. The WD app is on your phone.
  4. Check the settings to see if you can point the WD app sync from to the photos folder on your phone (all your photos are still saved in folders, even if you can’t see the folders). Change it from SD card to your phone’s photo folder.
  5. Then, after you’ve done that, point it to your WD to backup.

… I’ll just find and download that app and see if I can answer it for you.

It’s already there, by default. The S6 don’t have SD cards. And anyway, no, I can’t change the origin folder. All I can do is tell it if I want just my photos to be backup’d, my photos and my videos or all the files altogether. It’s the app that, then, goes pick the chosen categories of files, wherever they are.

First, try uninstalling the app, then reinstalling. Some report that uninstalling and reinstalling fixes strange app/software behavior.

On the Android OS, and or certain apps, may call the internal storage on the device an internal SD card or just SD card. ES File Explorer for Android does this. Could be the WD app is confused on where the storage location is on the device, becauce the device manufacturer changed or modified the Android OS (as some manufacturers have been known to do) and changed the Android OS default user storage area or picture storage area…

I want to be sure I got your words right: you mean the WD app is confused on where the storage location (the destination location for the backup) is on the WD My Cloud?
I changed the name of the folder of the backup in the WD My Cloud, but then obviously selected that folder in the app. Could the app be automatically set as to look for a specific folder with a specific name and, not finding it, it gets confused?

The error message “No SD card: SD card needed for the storage” generally is referring to your cell phone or tablet not the My Cloud.

What I was trying to say was it is possible certain cell phone manufacturers have modified the Android OS (many do) and have changed the default location on the cell phone or tablet where the pictures/video is saved. If this is the case it is possible the WD program is displaying the “No SD card: SD card needed for the storage” error because it cannot find the default location on the cell phone or tablet where the pictures/videos are stored.

In any event, the first step is to uninstall the WD app, then reinstall the app and try another backup.


Our team has verified MyCloud Mobile App 4.4.2 auto backup works successfully on Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge.
Did the uninstall /reinstall app solution resolve the “No SD Card” error message for you?


  1. Are there any developer options enabled on your Android device?
  2. Are there any apps installed which may modify the way storage devices are mounted on your device?
  3. What Android OS is installed?

Samuel Brown

I found the problem. It’s the app’s.
First of all, a clarification they already gave me in a thread: the app ambiguously refers to ANY folder inside the smartphone’s memory as “SD card”, not the whole lot, either the SD (for the phones that actually have a physical SD) or the complex of folders, but also an individual folder can be referred to by the app as “an SD card”.
With this in mind, I got the issue, since I kept triggering it every time I activated and deactivated again the private mode of the S6.
The app sees a folder “disappears” and delivers that warning.


I have the same issue because of private mode when using WD Photos app on S6. But I also use My Cloud app, and this doesn’t get affected by private mode and basically is the same app so it’s odd but hope it’s an option for you?