Mobile access speed

I wanted to know if anyone knew of or experienced when mycloud cloud device access(ios in particular) slows to a crawl when you are also uploading stuff. I am uploading a lot of files on my mac and when I try to access files already on mycloud via my phones LTE it takes a while for everything to load (almost painful when I have to access a folder that’s deep in other folders). Any thoughts?

We know that when the My Cloud is ingesting a lot of content, performance drops temporarily, but maybe significantly. Content ingestion includes indexing, producing reduced resolution versions of images and maybe other things. We are looking at a few hours after completing the upload for 1TB of mixed media content, but your mileage will vary

Yeah im looking at 132GB of music plus 2-3 GBs of movies as they finishing enconding (prob an extra 20GB). SO this then would be normal for the time being, and when the upload is done. I should see the mycloud app pick up faster with finding my shares and files on the cloud