Mlb on wd media players

Hi,i have a wd tv live plus hd media player and a mlb (mayor leage baseball) premium subcription,this year mlb is going to broadcast games on this device,my question is,how can can i get the data(upgrade)my box to see this games?Thanks in advance for the help that i can get.

Well, it’d require a firmware update.

It’s unknown if WD is planning on adding it to the old devices…

Thanks for your response,i update the box but no data from mlb.Do this box is an old version?

I just bought the WD TV Live Hub and paid for a subscription for MLB.TV Premium and I’ve been unable to watch any games yet (many spring training games are available).  All I’ve been able to view are recaps.

HI,i went to mlb home page and is posted there that it will be ready to use on april 5 and is only for the live hubs and live streams boxes,Lucky you  i can not say the same  i have live plus box and mlb is not listed in the media page.Please update the firmware for this box.

I too have the wd tv live plus hd and would request that MLB gets added to the menu please.

Hi _kulardenu;_cause i belive wd is not going to add mlb to live plus boxes i have a new live stream box.I got lucky my son was going to buy one of this boxes to see movies on netflix,he bought  me the new live stream and keep the live plus.

When you say you ‘believe that WD is NOT going to issue an update’ for the older WD models to allow  i.e. a firmware upgrade subsequent to 1.06.15; where did you get this information of is this just an hypothesis. I don;'t really want to go out and effectively BUY an upgrade for 90 Euros !!!



Sorry is only my belive,ido not know is there will be an update in the near future.If you are planning to buy,go to WD home page and see which new version is better for you,and be happy.good day.