MKV & WD TV Mini


Excuse my question if it sounds a bit dumb, Im new to all this. I have purchased the WD TV mini and have been watching some movies through it on TV,  all great, love it, but one movie is in MKV format and it wont play.

Is there anything I can do to enable me to watch this or will I just have to give the movie a miss

Thanks in advance

Hi elkay,

Unfortunately the WD TV Mini plays only non-HD content. There is nothing you can do to enable support for .mkv, because the hardware just isn’t there to:

  1. Decode and process the video

  2. Output it through HD jacks like HDMI and Optical SPDI/F.

Either return it to the store if it’s not too late and get a WD TV Live, or just go buy a WD TV Live.

According to the WDTV Mini user manual, mkv is supported. However mkv is simply a container and therefore the mini may not support the codecs contained within the mkv. You could use mediainfo (freeware) to show the contents of your mkv and post back. 

For info this board is for WDTV Live users only. If you need more help with problems you should post on link below.

(I do note from this forum that people do seem to have problems with playing mkv material so perhaps the user manual is incorrect or maybe users have the wrong mp4 codec within the mkv file)


The mkv format is not dedicated to HD content and you can use a variety of SD material within the container.

Well I didn’t know that, I just meant that the Mini cannot play any HD content at more than 480p so it’s no use.

Thanks for the replies, I didnt realise there was an TV Mini board to post to. I just downloaded my movie again in a different format, now I know not to download mkv files, Im learning all the time :smiley: