.mkv playback problems, ff/rewind/pause issues SOLVED

Hi there,

I had isues with playing hi def (720p/1080p) files on my WDTV Live,

I have now found a solution which works across my 4 various WDTV models.

I am posting this here as i have seen that may others have had problems with mkv files.  I am in no way associated with JRiver other than being a happy user.

I use JRiver Media Center http://www.jriver.com/ to stream my media to the WDTV.  This is the best streaming software that I have tried.

These settings, which are in the DLNA Server section, work well on a WDTV Live.  I am now able to fast forward and pause mkv files :slight_smile:

     Mode: Original
     Format: H264-TS very high bandwidth stream auto fps
Video Advanced:
     Enable: DLNA; DLNAExtra; Enable bitrate Field; Present Caption Resources;
               Present Small Artwork; Present Subtitle Resources
    Empty values for Video MimeType Override & Video DLNA Override


Thanks for sharing this with the Community.

Hope this helps other users.