MKV play problem

hey guys im new here on this forum and i recently bought a wd tv live (wdbgxt0000nbk-eesn) with the newest firmware.

but i got 1 problem with some mkv files when i play some of those files i got a error saying that the device dont support this file and look in the manual while i also got other mkv files that play just fine (by the way i always play my files on a usb).

is there any way to fix the file so i can play it on my wd tv live??

thank you in advance.

this is one of the files that dont work maybe the picture can help with some things.

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-17 om 22.14.42.png

WDTV Players don’t support 10-bit encoding.  You’ll need to re-encode to 8-bit.

this may be a dumb question but if i  re-encode to 8 bit will my quality of the video go down??

Of course.

ok thnxz got it now