MKV framerate suddenly drops (eventually to zero fps)

WD TV V1. Frimware 1.03.01.

The glitch’s coming is completely unpredictable. Sometimes I’m watching a movie without any problems. Next time, with the same movie it’s just happening. If I press fast forward for just a sec, then play button again, the movie plays fine… for a few minutes. Next day the player is working fine again. Or not. As I said, unpredictable.

I was thinking overheating, HDD issues (WD Mybook), subtitle issues…  none of these. It looks some kind of buffering problem. Any idea would be highly appreciated.

Another question: Will WD keep releasing FW-updates for it, or we should just quit hoping, get rid of the thing and decide not to buy any WD products again? I was thinking about to buy the WDTV Live, but if WD stops supporting it just one year later, then I think I shouldn’t.

I had the same problem last week - for the first time. Same unit as you, same firmware on a 4.3 GB MKV file. It was right at the end of the movie, and the crowd watching almost lynched me. I have no idea what causes this, but I was wondering if it might be related to the size of the file which is just above the upper limit for FAT32 drives. I was using a HDD that could handle the file, but maybe sometimes when you pass that size it gives the media player trouble?