Mkv folders have disappeared


So I’ve been using my wdtv live for around a year now with no dramas watching all different file types over wired network from both win7 pc and my hp n40 server/nas running whs 2011.

Overnight the thing has decided it doesnt want to show mkv files in any of the folders anymore, even the folders that contain only mkv’s have completely dissapeared. All other file types are still available.

Has anyone else come across this before? No settings were changed from one day to the next and the files are still in the same locations on pc and nas.

Are you connecting to your servers via Network Shares or Media Server?

Media server Tony

I would suggest checking the media servers with another DLNA application.   If those don’t show the files, then that points to the servers themselves being the issue.

Righto, I downloaded a dlna client app on my phone, it was missing the same files as th WD. So after a bit more reading I downloaded something called serviio and put that on the WHS nas and added the folders to it library.
The hows and whys are a bit beyond my levels of nerdery but hey the files now show up under serviio on the WDTV so happy days.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Tony, though im still a bit stumped as to why itd be working fine one day but need an add-on to run the next.

You probably connected via network shares before?