MKV choppy, downgrade firmware?

Some of my MKV’s are choppy after a few seconds of playback.  They play fine with VLC on a remote pc.  So I don’t think it’s my network.  I have heard stories about people downgrading their firmware to fix issues like this.  Is downgrading a realistic option?  Some MKV’s play fine tho…  Here are the specs:

Device: Western Digital Live Plus

Current firmware: 1.04.18_B.


Format                           = Matroska
File size                        = 1.25 GiB
Duration                         = 2h 5mn
Overall bit rate                 = 1 423 Kbps
Writing application              = HandBrake svn3684
Writing library                  = libmkv

Format                           = AVC
Duration                         = 2h 4mn
Nominal bit rate                 = 1 224 Kbps
Width                            = 1 280 pixels
Height                           = 532 pixels
Display aspect ratio             = 2.40:1
Writing library                  = x264 core 107

Format                           = AAC
Duration                         = 2h 5mn
Channel(s)                       = 6 channels
Channel positions                = Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE
Sampling rate                    = 48.0 KHz

Many others have had mkv stuttering problems with the last two firmware upgrades. Many of us have had to roll back the firmware to a previous version to get our systems to work the way they used to. For me, version 1.03.49 is the latest firmware without the stuttering problems. 

You can look here if you want to try rolling back your firmware.​r/std_adp.php?p_faqid=5800

Also, have a look at these threads that describe mkv stuttering problems.​Confirmed-V1-04-10-MKV-files-network-share/td-p/9…​anything/m-p/118202#M5855​V-quot-stutter-quot-and-lag/m-p/118256#M18075

Thank You!  Downgrading two firmware versions fixed it!  Any ideas why this happens? Is it just a bug with the new version or did they include some feature that my network or file doesn’t support?

It’s disappointing not to have the facebook app anymore… This firmware version doesn’t have it…