Mkv and DVD rip playback problems

Hi guys,

I can’t watch mkv and DVD rips over network because after a couple of minutes video slows down and sound disappears.

I have WD TV LIVE f/w 1.2.21 with Linksys WUSB600N v2 USB adapter + Airport Express transmitting over 5 GHz.

I see no problem playing the same content in the same location from either Linux or Mac.

WUSB600N in Linux performs with at least 30-40 Mbit/s, IMHO it should be enough to play HD video.

Network transfer rate when copying is about 60 Mbit/s (although with different adapter).

Would upgrade to 1.3.40 help me anyhow?

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Can you play these files from a locally attached USB drive?  If so, then your problem is most likely the Live buffer.  It is unable to handle more than about 15Mbps wirelessly (you can examine your files using MediaInfo to see if they exceed this rate).  However, that shouldn’t be an issue with DVD rips (it will be with blu-ray rips, but DVDs aren’t HD and shouldn’t exceed more than 4Mbps even under the best of conditions).

You might want to post the MediaInfo on one of your files in question but I would at least try them on a local drive to eliminate the file as a problem (doesn’t matter if they play on other platforms or devices, as the Live is a very different beast).

You should also try playing one of the files with the Live directly wired into your router, to see if it is indeed a Live buffer issue.

Hi Mike,

I assume by bitrate you mean this (full mediainfo attached):

Total Stream BitRate…9 004 Kbps

I can play locally from flash the same file without problems. But if I am not mistaken, then your mentioned limit had not been reached. Unfortunately I cannot play the file(s) over wire as my router is somewhat single-handed - Airport Express has only one ethernet port for DSL.



Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 16.31.55.png

Even if you only temporarily move the Live to your router just to try it would be very useful to see if it played directly wired because that would tell you for sure if it’s the wireless or not.

And total bitrate isn’t as good as seeing the entire MediaInfo file (because it shows other things such as peak rates).  So you might still want to post that.

If it IS a buffer issue then you can get around it (assuming you have at least one extra port on your router) by using Livewire (a product from WD that sends the network over your electrical lines).  And you can always add more ports on your router by using a switch (and they are dirt cheap).