MKV 10GB Playing Problem

I have a problem playing 10 GB or more MKV files. This is because of  the western digital player doesn’t have enough processor to play it? I can only play 4.36GB MKV files??

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What sort of error are you receiving when playing the larger MKV files?

Are they playing and then hanging up during play? Or just not playing at all?

When the MKV starts to play ( 7gb or more ) the image start to freeze and can’t continue playing. it’s like if you had an old computer and its processor couldn’t manage to with this file. I’m using a WD passport HD 500 GB. I don’t know how to solve this problem. I would like that someone tells me that the media player is not allowed to play that kind of MKV size or if it is a actulization problem. I don’t know

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File size really should not matter to much for this

I would recommend making sure that you are using the latest version of firmware for your WDTV.   If you are using the latest version of firmware and are still having an issue, I would contact tech support at this link.

At the bottom of this page is an option to attach files.  You should then download and install the MediaInfo program from the link below.  Once installed you can right click on your media file and choose “MediaInfo” from the menu.  Next, go to the “view” pull down menu and select “Tree”.  This will display detailed information about your file.  In order to send the file to us, go to File > Export and choose the “Text” tab.  Choose where you want to save the file in the box at the bottom and click on “Ok”.  Attach the .txt file to this email and I will review the file for you.

Please see the links below for more information.

Title: Media Info


Thank you very much. I had already solved the problem. The thing was that the HD didn’t stop working the first time I connected it. Once it stopped, it worked properly.

Sorry I wasted your time. I had sound problems now. MKV sound problems when on screens apears Digital Audio. What can i do???

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On the original WDTV HD player, digital audio is passed through the unit via the TOSLINK port.  You will need to have a receiver that can decode this audio stream.  If you have multiple audio streams in the video, file you can set back to stereo and you should be able to hear audio on your TV.  This is also dependent upon the audio codec and interface you are using with the WDTV unit.  If you are still having issue I would recommend contacting tech support at the link in my previous post for further analysis of the video (MKV) file to assist you with diagnosing the problem